Aim of Schools

The reason to pursue education differs from person to person and hence it is not possible to generalize the goals of education. The goals as well as means of educational socialization processes vary depending on the sociological paradigms.

During the initial years of schooling the main aim is to develop strong interpersonal interaction skills and impart literacy skills which are detrimental to master more complex subjects at a later stage. Once these basic skills have been mastered then most people focus on mastering essential skills and become capable of generating an income for themselves and their families. The yearning to master a particular skill or to satisfy your curiosity too is another goal of education. The need to enhance your knowledge base and become better human beings too is another reason to go to school.

Education is the means by which a person can overcome most obstacles and attain a better status, become financially sound and gain respect. People also gain expertise in a particular subject due to their interest and liking. Most learner responsibility education models thrive on the interest level of the learner.

Education is believed to be a means by which kids are able to progress and grow depending on their needs and capabilities. The main aim of education is to ensure that the individual is able to give his or her best in life.