What to Know When Buying a Laptop for a College Student?

When it comes to college students, having a computer at home as well as in college is a necessity. Most of the time parents think that their boy/girl will use college computer all the time when they need, but this is not the case all the times. In many countries not this facility is available, that is why being a parent we need to care about using technology in education.

In this article we will showcase some of the strong points that you need to know while buying a computer for a college student. Lets check it out.

If you are not in budget, you can directly go with best and reliable computer brands which offers best deal in reasonable price. The top most are Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo.

One should take care of a thing that a college student will use a computer for more than 5 years, so invest wisely and buy insurance package for the device in advance. It will speed up the maintenance process and low down the any cost if device needs a repair.

If you think budget is my issue, they do not worry there are other few brands which manufactures the good laptop for every budget user.

About hardware and software part, there are tons of things to find. But one thing is fixed, you need to buy latest one with at least 5 years of life. So always pick one which has at least Intel’s i3/5/7 Processor with at least 8 Gigs of RAM.

For storage SSD’s are best over HDD and it will save battery significantly as there are no moving parts. But SSD’s are bit costlier than HDD, so be wise here.

Having dedicated graphics is something that your son/daughter will explain, just ask him/her will he/she will play games on it or not. If yes get one with at least 2 Gigs, else integrated graphics are more than enough for non gaming activities.

This is all about laptop computers, that you should know before buying one.