Career Fairs: Locate Your New Job at the Fair

Are you either out of a job or prepared to take the plunge into a career that is quite different from the job you do today? If you’re like most, you have probably searched for jobs on the Internet or in your newspaper’s job section.

Although convenient because you can accomplish a lot of the detective labor from home, these sources are also limiting. Job fairs, however, may provide you a much more direct avenue to be hired.

Usually available without cost, career fairs are half-to-full day gatherings set up in public venues, including hotels and even convention centers. Employers – at times from a particular career industry, sometimes representing a variety of industries – have a table or presentation area with information all about the company they represent.

Virtually all job fair recruiter participants additionally have a business rep or two available to accept job applications and sometimes carry out onsite interviews.

What’s the Motivation for Participating?

The number of organizations represented during a job fair can stretch from a few dozen to hundreds, depending on the size of the physical place and breadth of jobs offered. This approach provides a significant advantage beyond the non-personal methods of employment searching and may be considerably more effective in obtaining a job.

As an example, at one of your local career fairs, employers including construction workers, nurses, admin assistants, and teachers could have booths set up. This is excellent for a person who may well have a general sense of the type of employment desired though is still open to various other totally different avenues once exposed to various other options that perhaps have never been thought through in the past.

Expectations About the On-Site Process

Those who might fear feeling required to provide private information they do not want some recruiters to see can indeed take comfort in knowing that who they give information to is completely their choice.

Nearly all career fairs are publicized in local newspapers and on the web, providing you time to prepare yourself beforehand. You may even spot job fair signs when shopping at your favorite retail stores.

To have the best prospect of success at job fairs, you’ll need to make certain you dress appropriately, bring a minimum of 25 copies of your resume to hand out to potential employers, and always be prepared for a job interview right on the spot – it is your chance to market yourself!

In fact, if you encounter a job you genuinely want, do not be timid about selling yourself. Speak with the business representative at length about the career, provide some of your own qualifications, and request a job interview. Several business employers value such initiative.