Curriculum often refers to the various courses and their syllabus which is offered at various schools and universities. The word curriculum has Latin origin and means race course. It is referred to as the idea of the course of tasks and experiences that are used to nurture the kids to morph into better and mature adults. The curriculum has a perspective scope often referring to a generalized syllabus which only mentions the list of topics that are to be covered and mastered in order to reach a specific standard or grade.

Curriculum is an academic discipline too, which includes formal training at universities or through similar means. All the disciplines are further divided into branches, but there is a thin line distinguishing them from each other. Natural sciences, math, computer sciences, social and applied science, humanities and others are popular instances of academic disciplines.
Some educational institutions also include fine arts in the content of the K-12 grade educational criteria. They are also offered as part of electives in colleges as well as universities. Music, dance as well as theatre are some well known forms of fine arts.