Instruction often refers to the process of facilitating another person’s learning process. Instructors who train in primary schools as well as secondary institutions are mostly addressed as teachers and they mainly work on the reading and writing skills besides imparting knowledge of math, science as well as history. In the post secondary institutions too instructors are addressed as teachers. However they are also known as instructors or professors based on the type of institution they are associated with. Their training is more specific and limited to a particular discipline. Research conducted by US has revealed that the quality of the instructors is one of the most detrimental factors which have an impact on the performance of the student. The study also revealed that nations which topped in international tests have robust policies to make sure that the instructors they have appointed are able to deliver effective training. The passing of No Child Left Behind program of US has ensured that all the teachers need to be well qualified. One of the most used forms of evaluation of the teacher’s performance is to make students evaluate the teachers (SETS). However these evaluations are often biased and are known to have many flaws.