Job Fairs: Locate Your New Career at the Fair

Are you either out of a job or ready to make the plunge into employment which is quite different from the job you do currently? If you are like most people, you have most likely sought out job opportunities on the Internet or in your local paper’s job section.

While these resources may be very valuable, you might wish to think about making use of career fairs, as they’re a wonderful solution to locate and apply for obtainable job opportunities.

Job Fairs

Career fairs are gatherings – typically free – operated in large public locations, like hotels or in shopping malls. During a job fair, many employers set up booths representing their organizations and provide information, pictures, write ups, and a lot more.

Each employer available at the career fair will furthermore have 1-3 business representatives accessible to talk with people who come by, walk them through the employment hiring form process, and even sometimes perform a real job interview at that moment.

What’s the Stimulus for Attending?

The number of companies represented at a job fair can stretch from a couple dozen to hundreds, depending on the size of the venue and breadth of job opportunities offered. This strategy offers a significant benefit over the stay-at-home strategies of employment seeking and can be much more effective in getting a job.

For example, at one of your local job fairs, business employers including construction employees, nurses, secretaries, and teachers may have booths in place. This is very helpful if you’re undecided about the sort of work you’d like to do due to the fact it can provide you with choices or lead you to investigate another job, one which you may not have considered previously.

Expectations Concerning the On-Site Process

When attending a career fair, you’re under no duty to supply potential recruiters your resume or phone details, despite the fact that it’s undoubtedly in your best interest to do so.

Virtually all career fairs are advertised in community newspapers and on the Internet, providing you time to prepare ahead of time. You might even spot job fair signs when shopping at your preferred retailers.

To augment your likelihood of achieving success upon arrival at a fair, you should always dress just like you would for a job interview, come equipped with 2-3 dozen copies of your meticulously written resume for recruiter distribution, and come with the prepared outlook of readiness to be interviewed at that time.

In fact, should you come across a position you really want, don’t be shy about selling yourself. Talk with the company representative at length about the career, provide some of your own track record, and ask for a job interview. Many recruiters value such initiative.