Preschools offer education to children between the age of four and eight after which the child moves on to attain primary education. Preschool is also called as nursery schools or even kindergarten. However in America kindergarten refers to primary education.

Preschool education is essential and detrimental in imparting the child with skills necessary to exist in the competitive world. It also sets the basis for the child to attain further education. In case the student has not received the fundamental education in the preschool years then they often learn the letters, numbers, shapes & colors after starting their formal education. However they are not able to cope up with their counterparts who already have the knowledge of the same. The main aim of kindergarten is to give a child centered preschool content which is suitable for kids ranging from three years to seven years. This curriculum should focus on enhancing the kid’s physical, mental and moral development with equal stress on each parameter.

This phase is extremely important during the formative years of the kid. The teachers need to be well equipped and trained to be able to enhance and mould the children to their optimum potential.