Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learning (also known as Autodidacticism or autiodidactism) as the name suggests is a self learning or rather self teaching methodology. Autodidacts are known to do a lot of research and review and often spend hours and hours at libraries. They are also known to frequent educational websites. Almost every person is an autodidact at some point or the other. Often people may have conventional knowledge of a particular subject or art they may decide to gain insights and information about some other subject of their liking. Autodidacts have a deep thirst for learning and they can move to any lengths to update their knowledge. Abraham Lincoln the former president of America, the world famous mathematician Ramanujan, Michael Faraday, Charles Darwin and others were all autodidacts. Some other autodidacts who are part of our history include inventor Thomas Alva Edison, George Bernard Shaw, Leonardo da Vinci.