Vocational Education

Vocational education lays emphasis on imparting practical training in the specified trade or art form. Apprenticeship as well as internship falls under the category of vocational education. Besides this there are many institutions which train the students in crafts such as carpentry and other arts. Some vocational training institutes also focus on engineering, medicine and… Continue reading Vocational Education

Special Education

In the earlier days, disabled people were often shunned land were not considered to be fit for public education. It was common for kids with disabilities to get their education from doctors and special tutors. Special education has attained its present form thanks to the efforts of physicians such as Seguin, Gallaudet, Itard and Howe.… Continue reading Special Education

Indigenous Education

Indigenous education includes the ability to assimilate indigenous knowledge, models as well as methods from formal as well as non formal educational systems. Colonialism has resulted in the loss and corruption of knowledge and language skills. Preventive measures need to be taken and thus, indigenous communities gave rise to this form of education in a… Continue reading Indigenous Education

Alternative Education

Alternative education has been in existence since ancient times. During the formative years of the public school system in the 19th century, many parents were unhappy with the system. This gave rise to a new form of education known as alternative education. It was aimed to overcome the limitations and drawbacks of traditional education. This… Continue reading Alternative Education

Educational Psychology

Educational psychology refers to the study of the manner in which human beings learn in educational settings. They also focus on evaluating the efficiency of educational assistance and intervention. Educational psychology also studies the psychology of teaching as well as the social impact of schools as organizations. Prima face, the terms educational psychology and school… Continue reading Educational Psychology